Organisers were pleased with the response to this year’s Marbella Design. During a year when other large-scale design and décor events around the world have been forced to postpone their 2020 editions due to the coronavirus pandemic, Marbella Design was able to press ahead and open its doors at Marbella’s Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones from 24 September to 3 October. Speaking at the conclusion of the fair, executive director Carolina Abril said, “Marbella Design 2020 has been a clear demonstration that, with a lot of effort, professionalism, commitment and talent, you can achieve great things, even during the most difficult moments. The organisers would like to express our heart-felt appreciation to all the professionals, brands, sponsors and partners who have been with us this year.” A total of 20 professionals and more than 200 companies and brands participated in the 2020 fair, which had a special relevance bearing in mind the current situation. Strict health and safety protocols were in place, and all those taking part were reported to have been keen to look ahead to the future and transmit a message of optimism for the industry as a whole.










www.marbelladesignfair.com / Photos by: Johnny Gates and Charly Simon


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