Proespacio21— An innovative firm with a highly-qualified professional team and a wealth of experience in the construction sector.

Proespacio21 is a company that extensively researches and introduces new cutting-edge product innovations to the construction sector, and offer the best technical and commercial advice available for their showcased products. Marbreline is one such innovative product in their portfolio.

Marbreline is a seamless flooring and wall covering made from first-class, hard-wearing, rolled and treated marble chips mixed with high-quality Durline resins. The creator of Marbreline, DSM, a company with over 20 years of experience and experts in resin-bond surfaces coverings are now working in partnership with Proespacio21 to introduce the product to the Spanish market (Marbreline was only previously available in the UK, USA, France and Canada).

Marbreline is not only aesthetic, unique and innovative, but thanks to its non-slippery surface and self-draining features, it’s a perfect way to to upgrade your pool decks and outdoor areas. In addition, it allows you to create a multitude of decorative visual effects, such as logos and graphics using nine different colours, and can also allow you to personalise your decor by creating your own colour combinations and patterns.

Due to its robust characteristics: stain-proof, scratch-proof with a very good resistance to impact and virtually maintenance free, it is an ideal flooring choice for high traffic areas, inside and out.

The product complies with DSM’s stringent demands in terms of high-quality and is labelled by certificated laboratories such as CSTB (fire, UV, traffic proof).


For more information or to obtain a free

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