Santa Barbara Inspiration for Marbella Hotel Décor

bar2Kamini Ezralow had one key objective when commissioned to refurbish Marbella Club’s rooms and suites: reintroduce the “original intent” and achieve “relaxed luxury and barefoot elegance”.

To that end, the widely travelled interior designer (now based in London) took inspiration from the glamour of Santa Barbara’s1950s and 1960s lifestyle, which had provided the initial inspiration for the creator of the iconic hotel.

Ezralow finished work on the redecoration in 2014 (although she was still completing selected parts of the project at the end of the year). She incorporated artisanal hand-woven carpets from the south of France and elegant traditionalist Portuguese furniture, layering in several accent pieces to connect the style to the present and finishing with fabrics using linens and other natural blends.

The colour palette was selected to integrate with the freshness of the gardens that surround the rooms, and was used as a tool to bring the outside in by creating a visual colour connection for guests. This, in addition to the bespoke designed furniture, “created an energetic flow which immediately facilitated the relaxation and comfort of the guests upon entering”.

These subtle yet significant details all came together to help create a comfortable yet chic Santa Barbara ambience.

Ezralow Design Studio, London:

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