Special Visit to Antigua Charter Yacht Show

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Representatives of the IPM Group – which encompasses Marina Ibiza and STP Shipyard Palma – travelled to the Caribbean in December to attend the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. The purpose of the visit was two-fold: to check out this important exhibition, in order to analyse the current market situation on the other side of the Atlantic; and to join clients and friends at the show – 40 per cent of the boat exhibitors are customers of the group.

IPM also sponsored several activities scheduled by Acrew, and took the opportunity of meeting with the organisers, and local institutions associated with the show, to foster future links. More than 100 boats were on display for the 53rd edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, held at the Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua Yacht Club Marina and Nelson’s Dockyard (in English Harbour) ports.


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