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Outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of designs and sizes, from hanging lanterns and wall sconces to pathway lights and standing lamps. They can enhance the look of your home, allowing you to enjoy it beyond the sunlight hours. When buying outdoor lighting, as well as when considering such functional issues as security and aiding vision, consider illumination that will light up the natural beauty of your home. These could include a fountain, a rockery or vegetation, creating a magical ambience in your outdoor spaces.



collection from Vibia was designed by Pete
Sans and stands at just over two and a half metres tall.
With a polyethylene diffuser, its base is available in two
finishes: white lacquer or rust brown lacquer. Available at Banni
in Marbella:



The Santorini collection by Marset is inspired by fishing boat
lanterns. The lanterns can be hung from the ceiling, either individually or
gathered together, or they can be strung up like a garland. They come in
white, grey or mustard, in either ceiling or wall versions. Available from the
BoConcept Plus Store:



The Bonheur floor lamp, designed by Michele De Lucchi for both indoor
and outdoor use, has a diffuser made of two polyethylene parts, created by
rotational moulding, and a structure in grey painted metal with a wide base for
stability. The white matte of the polymer spreads the light softly. Available
from Femont Galvan in the Marbella Club:



The Nan collection is inspired by the magical world of gnomes.
The collection creates a wonderful aura that makes it the ideal
lamp for the garden, terrace and little crevices in and around
your home. It is smooth and conical in its design, similar
to the hats worn by gnomes in fairy tales. Available



The Viteo light cube is made
of opal acrylic glass on a stainless steel
socket. The cubes are strong enough to be used
as a seat or table and come in a “mood-version”
(colour change) and in mono-colour. Available at Banni
in Marbella:



This mesmerising LED Aurelia table lamp is
inspired by jellyfish under the moonlight and evokes a sense
of tranquillity. The brightness can be controlled by a touchring
dimmer that sets the mood exactly how you want it and



The sleek Infinito LED suspension lamp was
inspired by the symbol of infinity. The larger loop emits
warm white light for reading while the neon creates
atmospheric light. The bulbs are cleverly installed so
that light emits through a reflective optic system,
thus avoiding glare. Both available at Magyk
in San Pedro de Alcántara:


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