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Hi-Tec Technology for Minimalist Living


Interview with Tomas Davidsson from TD Sat & Sound and Wim de Vos from Genesis Technologies


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Tomas, tell us more about how you set up TD Sat & Sound…

I set up my company in 2006. My first customer was a famous footballer, Martin Dahlin, which was a great way to start the business! I soon decided to educate myself more about the market sector and learned about ISF, which stands for Imaging Science Foundation. This is a calibration technology to control the standard gamma adjustments, colour management systems and white balance options. It is an assessment of the light and layout of a room, as well as the precise configuration of the particular panel you own, so that you get a truly personalised optimal TV/projector experience, something that is impossible to achieve with even the most carefully calibrated of factory picture presets.

It was on this course in 2007 where I met Wim, who was at the time an ISF representative and now runs Genesis Technologies. I then went on to do a course in THX, which is a seal of quality that shows that a product has passed rigorous tests for sound performance standards – and this then allowed me to do comprehensive cinema installations.


What are the benefits of having a smart home?

Smart homes are what everyone is talking about. It is fantastic that you now have the ability to control a number of different functions in your home such as connecting the heating, security alarm or lights from one touchscreen interface on the wall or via your iPad, iPhone or Android phone when you are not even present in the home.

The fact that there is no need for switches, wires for light fittings, remote controls, plugs or sockets means you can have a very clutter-free home that is much more aesthetically pleasing and offers you a cleaner way of living. Also, multi-room entertainment allows you to enjoy music and television anywhere in the home.


Tell us more about the home cinemas that you install…

A home cinema allows you to lose yourself, putting you into a “suspension of disbelief” – you literally feel you are in the film.

We are trained to know where exactly to install speakers at the correct height, to set the volume at the right level and to calibrate the resolution in order that that the colours of the projector are perfectly adjusted for the chemical and neurological process of suspension of belief, offering the ultimate viewing experience. You can basically have a home cinema that suits your specific needs and design requirements. For example, you can have customised seats, lighting and wall design.


How do you combine design with technology?

We can install speakers behind a wallpapered wall, making them invisible, and we also build speakers discreetly into items of furniture. Invisible speakers together with home control are the largest growing area within our home sector. Decorative hanging objects can double-up as an omnidirectional speaker, evenly distributing sound around a room. This is ideal for restaurants and bars, as it does not take up any floor space and thus allows customers to sit however near or far away from a speaker that they prefer – the music will emit at the same level of volume in any part of the room.


What do you enjoy about your work and what services do you offer?

I love my work. I am genuinely interested in the latest technology – you can never get bored as it is evolving so quickly all the time. We install antennas, IP TV, multi-room sound systems and home control, as well as general repair of televisions – no job is too big or too small. I try to maintain a high quality customer service, offering a wide spectrum of services from a telephone system or internet all the way up to a multi-room and control home system.

When having systems installed, you can sometimes be met by a number of different specialists for one installation, but with our company you just deal with me and I take you through the whole process, as well as afterwards when you may need technical support. As we are part of Control 4, a leading provider of personalised automation and control solutions, we have to ensure an optimum level of customer service.


How much do you work with architects and interior designers?

We work with them regularly but we would like to work with them even more so that homes are set up better for when someone decides to install a smart home facility. We also would like to educate architects and designers about the latest technology so that their clients know what they have available at their fingertips. We can install technology around an interior design hardly without interfering with the aesthetics of the design. If a reform or new build makes some allowances for a home control system at the start – with, say, a small storeroom where the central hub can be hidden away discreetly – a smart system can be installed quickly and very easily with very little disturbance to the house.


If you do not have permission to install cables into the walls, what can you do?

If a building is listed or there are complications in installing the cables, we can get around this by installing a Z-Wave system, which is a wireless technology that makes standard household products such as door locks, lights and thermostats “smart”.


What options are there for outdoor entertainment systems?

Now there are outdoor furniture items such as lights, tables and decorative items that can all have speakers built in. We can basically offer anything made-to-measure, combining any kind of material and design with technology.

Stealth Acoustics have just launched their new Stealth Patio Theatre, which allows you to be able to enjoy a complete outdoor cinematic experience with large-format, ultra-bright, motorised LED screens that have an almost unlimited number of configurations and fully-customised systems that allow you to watch television without any problems of glare from the sun.


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