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Funky Sounds in the City of Light

Located in a venerable music-orientated Paris neighbourhood, the Idol Hotel offers guests a sensorial experience aimed at awakening all senses – sight as much as touch and hearing. It provides the emotion of a design hotel with the added attraction of sound and groove, taking music fans back to a memorable era of black music from the 1960s to the 1980s.


Composed by jazz, soul and funk music lover Yann Gasparini, renovated by Elegancia Hotels and AD-Tango, and painted by artist and hotel decorator Julie Gauthron, the hotel “sells as many experiences as overnight stays”.

Its setting on rue d’Edimbourg is near the Grands Magasins district, Opera Garnier and Conservatoire Municipal de Paris, and numerous musical instrument makers have also settled in the same street and its surroundings.

On entering the 32-room hotel, guests hear the first notes of Boogie Wonderland (Earth Wind & Fire) or Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack), while a bright neon light sculpted by Gauthron and entitled “The Sound of the Trumpet” illuminates the lounge area. A photocall backdrop enables guests to take a photo in front of a record cover (while wearing one of the wigs) and post it on Facebook or Instagram – even (if that is their fancy) mimic Austin Powers’ “Groovy baby”.


Parisian record shop owner François Mazza (a.k.a. “DJ Maz”) and Gasparini have carefully picked a selection of records for the Idol Hotel, and arranged for “Planet L” spheres (an emblem of the iconic brand Elipson) installed in the rooms, as well as old turntables in the common areas.

Throughout the year, guests and locals can attend a variety of musical events at the hotel, and find the Idol’s playlists on new social network Whyd.


Photos: Céline Demoux

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