The three key cornerstones of Casas & Reformas’ identity highlight why the company has enjoyed such success in recent years. They are, quite simply (but importantly), quality, commitment and customer service.

Casas & Reformas has been completing projects in Spain for more than 15 years but over the past five years – in the midst of the Spanish recession and in a demanding business sector – the company’s solvency has enabled it to move to a whole new level, recognised as the flagship Spanish-Scandinavian construction company on the Costa del Sol.The values its team bring to their work – every day and for each project, no matter what size – have established them as the leading building project managers for any kind of renovation work, refurbishment or new construction.

Casas & Reformas’ client base is mainly Scandinavian but this is continuing to expand with customers from all around the world. The company’s international professionals and experts speak Swedish, English, Finnish, Danish, Russian, French and Spanish, with Robert Karlsson from Sweden the latest to join the team as client relations manager. They also have a close collaboration with interior designers, engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers and architects, including AMES Arquitectos. One of Casas & Reformas’ specific areas of specialisation is full refurbishment projects, transforming traditional Andalucian-style properties into modern homes with the highest quality materials and always ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for the client.

After completing more than 300 projects, they are proud to say, “Our experience and knowledge are the basis for the excellence that we strive for in the delivery of our projects.”

One of the main pillars of projects for clients who live abroad is communication, and to that end Casas & Reformas maintains a steady flow of communication with clients throughout the process: during design, choice of materials and quality control of the works.

In addition to the construction work itself, Casas & Reformas is closely involved with all the associated services, from consultancy on building plots, drafting of projects and technical reports to the final decoration of the home. Furthermore, if the client’s ultimate objective after their project is completed is to sell, Casas & Reformas works with the Costa del Sol’s main real estate agencies.

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