Creating a Bespoke Style

In our Doubleview studio, the gardens are like haute couture made-to-measure clothes. It is at the moment and point of creation where fashion trends and design come together. The landscape gardener and the client create a new and individual style through various consultations and ongoing feedback between the two parties. In Marbella I have had the opportunity to participate in projects with clients from a number of different countries, including Denmark, The UK, Pakistan, Serbia and Finland. At the moment, trends seem to filter from such worldwide capitals as London, Paris, New York and Dubai. You will notice in the photos of our latest designs that the French have influenced us for vertical gardens. At the Chelsea Garden Show, England showcases the best private gardens, while Asia, Iran and Pakistan have the most admirable orchards. Spanish and Arab creators combine their influences to develop a completely new design from their respective origins. For project development, we work with an expert in lighting, an electrician and an interior designer who uses many major brands. We also work with specialists in soils and natural materials, so we offer an all-round service. Our showroom is in the new Marmorin Design Centre opposite the Marbella Club, where you can see examples of our work.

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