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Jensen Store. Interview with Stefan Lovén


Tell us more about the history of Jensen…

Jensen started out nearly 70 years ago and has now become one of the leading bed producers from Scandinavia. We have always produced mattresses at our factory in Svelvik, which is situated on the Oslo Fjord coast in Norway. The technology has evolved tremendously over this time and the company has expanded so much that now Jensen can be found all over the world – producing more than 150,000 mattresses a year.


To enjoy the perfect night’s sleep, what does the Jensen Store offer?

Jensen knows that an ideal bed should give you good support for your back whilst your hips and shoulders sink into the mattress. A Jensen bed offers the correct support in each of these zones of your body and can be adapted depending on your requirements thanks to our wide range of springs, which come in varying tensions. We help you select the right tension based on your specific height, weight and personal preference. Also, we recently brought out the Exact Comfort Adjustment, which is a remote handset that controls the firmness of your mattress, ensuring that you always obtain a superlative night’s sleep. In addition, we now have a new iPhone app called MySleep that tracks your sleeping patterns, wakes you up to your favourite music and gives you the news and weather forecast for the day. Another app we have developed, Adjustable Sleep, allows you to adjust a Jensen bed to your specific requirements.


You have also recently added a new development to the Jensen website…

You can build the bed of your dreams through our website. There is an area on our site called Build A Bed 2.0 where you can choose every part of your bed to suit your needs. Once you have created the bed, you can print out the design and specifications and show us your idea at our store.


How important to Jensen’s business philosophy is a commitment to environmentally friendly production?

We always aim to manufacture products that are good for our health and the environment, which is why our mattresses are licensed by the official Nordic eco-label, Nordic Swan. We are very proud of this license, as there is a very strict qualifying criteria.


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