Palladiom wallstations from Lutron provide a state-of-the-art combination of elegant design and intuitive operation. The wallstations allow you to control your lights, shades/drapes and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning from just the one convenient location – ensuring an optimal user experience complemented by sleek keypad and thermostat aesthetics.

The buttons and faceplates are flush to each other, feature consistent material for a clean, minimalist look and provide tactile feedback, with a subtle click confirming the user’s touch.
The large buttons also incorporate backlit, with engraved texts (both standard and custom options) that are simple to operate and easy to find in a darkened room. Dynamic backlighting automatically adjusts to ambient light levels in the space. Eleven button configurations are available across one and and two-column keypads.
Applications for the wallstations can be used in just about any home or business space: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, home theatres, conference rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, retail stores, and luxury hotel guestrooms and suites.

Another popular new trend from Lutron for the ultimate in home comfort and automation is the Palladiom Shading System. In 1993, Lutron established a new benchmark in shades with their quiet motorised shading system, and now they are once again redefining the automated shades category.

The Palladiom Shading System is designed for exposed applications – to be installed without a fascia, pocket or recess – and looks stunning from every angle. The shades are highlighted by groundbreaking technology and whisper-quiet performance, with unibody aluminum brackets meticulously hand-finished and available in a variety of finishes that seamlessly blend into any architectural style.

Lutron is available from Illusion in Urb. Guadalcántara in Marbella (www.e-illusion.es)

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