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Interview with Agata Giec
Agata Bath Design

Tell us about the main products offered by Agata Bath Design…
Agata Bath Design offers beautiful designer mineral stone bathtubs and sinks. Agata baths are designed and manufactured in Poland to the highest quality and durability standards, with cutting-edge mineral stone-based materials.

What materials do you use?
MINERALICAST® is one of the most reliable and unique cast materials on the market. The main component of the material is powdered dolomitic marble that consists of 96 per cent calcium magnesium carbonate, which is a natural mineral known as “dolomite” – CaMg(CO3)2.

The powder is produced by disintegrating and purifying genuine dolomitic marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed by natural transformation (metamorphism) and estimated to be over 500 million years old.During the production process, the powdered dolomitic marble is mixed with dedicated resin to create a strong casting filler. The external surface of each casted product is covered by one of our exclusive sanitary gel coat coatings for perfect surface finish and performance.

This combination of material components creates the unique composite material MINERALICAST®. Its properties allow manufacturing of high-quality products of almost unlimited shapes and efficient technical and functional features. Bathtub finishes are offered in matte and hi-gloss variants. LIGHTCAST®, with its combination of handmade processes with advanced casting technologies, presents the lightweight material option, used in the creation of oversized bathtubs which are much lighter than equivalent ones manufactured with other common materials such as cast marble or solid surface; but at the same time they out-perform their competitors with longevity and durability.

The surface of LIGHTCAST® products is repairable and, thanks to higher thermal insulation of the composite material, water temperature stays constant for a longer span of time. MONOCAST@ is the solid high-gloss smooth surface alternative offered by Agata Bath Design for selected products in the range.

What are some of the other main features of Agata products?
Agata bathtubs and sinks are fully de-aerated, scratch resistant, void-free, non-porous, stain-resistant and easy to clean, as well as resistant to thermal shock, surface abrasion, UV and impact. The surface of Agata products is easily renewable, smooth and warm to the touch.

And your design options?
Agata Bath Design offers the best high-end design, quality and price ratio currently on the market, based on a direct sales and distributor approach. In addition to the current designer product range, the possibility of designing an exclusive and personalised cast mould is of particular interest for developers and large multi-brand distributors and architects.

There are almost no limits in terms of shapes, complexity or sizes for our products, which present perfect solutions for demanding projects.Agata Bath Design works closely with designers, architects and builders, providing detailed installation guidance, but does not offer its own installation service.

Agata Bath Design
Marmorin Design Center (opp. Marbella Club), Golden Mile, Marbella
Tel. (+34) 649 120 129

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