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Interview with Dr. Ezequiel Panno
Dr. Panno’s Hair Transplant ClinicWhat type of patients does your clinic receive?
As we are based in an easy-to-reach part of Europe, which is blessed with a great climate and healthy atmosphere, we receive patients from all over the world – from Oslo to Cape Town and Boston to Dubai.

However, the majority of clients are Spanish and British. I have made an effort to train my nurses and staff to be knowledgeable in all areas of hair loss treatment and surgery, and we have a team of multilingual ladies who can care for many types of patients.What is the secret to your successful results?
I have been doing hair transplants exclusively since I qualified as a doctor over 16 years ago so my experience is the main reason for my success. Over the years I have tried to fine-tune the surgeries to make them more microscopic and as natural as possible. This is why I came up with “NANO FUE”, which is my greatest success for the best result anyone can obtain.

Also, many patients do not realise the result is not just down to my skill; the medical team do a large part of the procedure so it’s important to have qualified, well-educated nurses by your side. I spend a lot of my time watching my staff, teaching them and quality control.What are the successful aspects that differentiate your clinic from others?
We offer a VIP service to our patients from the moment they get in touch with us to arrange their consultation, through to the surgery itself and any subsequent medical revisions or check-ups.

I am very keen to give clients the best we can offer so they are happy, which in turn is good for my clinic. We give our patients full attention on the day of their surgery; they are the only patient that day so we can focus solely on their needs and give them the best experience and result possible.hair transplantationWhat techniques and treatments are offered by your clinic?
As I only specialise in hair loss prevention and treatment, I offer many types of treatments and procedures to help restore clients’ hair, but it is important to me that I only offer treatments that have been proven clinically to work.

I am not interested in therapies that do not work or are purely cosmetic as these are not the treatments that my patients want to receive. I offer surgical interventions, medical therapy and some light therapies.Dr. Panno is an internationally recognised surgeon, a member of the ISHRS, and the recipient of numerous awards for his excellence in the field of hair transplant, and innovation in the field of alopecia. Within Europe Dr. Panno is a lecturer for doctors and teaches the art of surgery at universities around Spain.Calle Azahara, Marbella
Tel. (+34) 952 586 286 



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