Clinica Estetica Contur Harmonious Holistic Treatments in Elviria

Harmonious Holistic Treatments in Elviria

The owner of a top dental practice in Elviria (Marbella) has opened an aesthetics clinic next door in order to provide a more comprehensive service to clients. Dr. Karl Wehmeyer, who has been working in Marbella as a dentist at Clínica Dental Dr. Wehmeyer since 1999, opened Clínica Estética Contur in January.

Much of Dr Wehmeyer’s work is dedicated to the field of aesthetic dentistry, and in this context his vision is “to make the patient’s smile appear fresh, healthy and vital through the harmonious balance of healthy teeth combined with a beautiful shape and colour”.

He opened the new clinic “because a beautiful smile also needs a beautiful frame”. He will continue to dedicate his time to the dental practice while his daughter manages Clínica Estética Contur’s highly professional team of experienced specialists.

The philosophy of Clínica Estética Contur is described as being “that of a beauty clinic in which the patient feels safe and well looked after. The aim of the clinic is to work in harmony with the patient, to help them create a personal, natural beauty that emphasises their personality while at the same time preserving their characteristic identity.

“All the treatment methods that are offered are non-surgical and are of the latest technological standard. With the help of gentle and low-risk processes, the specialists succeed in achieving a rapid and good result. Further advantages in comparison to surgical procedures are the usually lower costs and shorter downtimes. As a rule, the normal course of the day can be resumed immediately after the treatment.”

In addition to the facial region and body lifting, other areas of treatment include permanent hair depilation, varicose veins, venous diseases, age spots, scars and other pigment disorders. In all cases, the most recent laser technology is used. The team at Estética Contur rely on the IPL Quantum Laser from Lumenis, “one of the most innovative devices currently on the market”.
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