No Substitute for Passion

No Substitute for Passion

Getting what you want from your job and your life often takes mental toughness, especially – notes Doris Kavcic – when you live on the Costa del Sol and work in the real estate business.

She founded Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L. in 2009, “with a lot of passion and joy”, and in all has 19 years of experience in the real estate business.

“When you take this decision, the chances that you will succeed are always there, thanks to the tenacity and stamina of working hard in pursuit of a goal, despite obstacles or setbacks. While talent and knowhow are very important in each business for getting ahead, grit is actually the biggest predictor of how successful you will ultimately be.”

This is the reason why, in 2011, Doris began studying (by distance learning) to become a “mental coach”. Primarily for her own development, she says, “but also to lead the company in the best possible way”. Psychology is, in fact, her second passion. “The purchase of a property has so much to do with emotions, you cannot be well prepared enough.”

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