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Latest News About Worldwide Real Estates Figures

LATEST NEWS ABOUT Worldwide Real Estate Figures

Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L. are well known for their real estate services covering Málaga province, especially in top locations around Marbella, but business owner Doris Kavcic has also always maintained a great interest in the prices of properties worldwide. For example, prices have risen 27.4 per cent for luxury real estate in Shanghai, currently a world record; while second and third places also go to China. “However, this massive price rise is no longer desired,” says Doris, “so measures have already been taken to calm the market there.” According to the Pri-100 index, 10.1 per cent is the strongest price increase within European luxury real estate, in Amsterdam. “At the moment, you get only 17 square metres in Monaco for US$1 million, 20 square metres in Hong Kong and 26 square metres in New York. In Europe, the most expensive area is in London with 30 square metres for this sum, closely followed by Geneva, Vienna and Paris. In comparison, Marbella still offers top price performance conditions. Buyers can look forward to a wide selection in all price categories – a growing trend.”  Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L. Doris Kavcic
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