Permanent Proven Options to, Eradicate Dampness in the Home 

 Interview with Carlos Rodriquez. Founder of Humilogic


You have been in the industry for 20 years and completed 1,200 projects around Spain. What is Humilogic’s current position in the market?

It is the leading company in Spain, dedicated to providing permanent treatments that eliminate any kind of dampness in homes, buildings, commercial outlets, etc. We work with treatments that are completely effective and have been tested and verified in northern European countries, and we have adapted them to the kinds of damp situations that exist on the Costa del Sol. We visit a client’s home and carry out a personalised diagnosis in order to ascertain the origin of the dampness and eliminate it permanently – as all the treatments are guaranteed.

What causes dampness?
We live in an area with a high level of humidity, due to its proximity to the sea. In actual fact, a low percentage of humidity in the air is necessary, but problems occur when this is excessive. There are various causes in this particular area, especially in reference to construction defects. For example, these days we insulate homes more, to the point that they don’t breathe. On the other hand, in rehabilitated homes we have found that during the 1960s and 1970s there were not the same technical solutions preventing dampness that exist now.

What is your key area of expertise?
On the Costa del Sol we are the only company with its headquarters in Marbella specialising in structural anti-damp treatments. Over the years we have selected the top manufacturers of anti-damp products in Europe. They
have shown their confidence in Humilogic and we are their only authorised appliers in the whole of Andalucía.

Are your treatments permanent?
Humilogic only works on a home once. We don’t return because our treatments are totally permanent. They are for 10 to 30 years, depending on the treatment carried out.

What is the most complicated issue in your work?
I like that question. Interestingly, my main hurdle is not when I find a serious dampness hazard in a home that is difficult to resolve – that’s no problem.
The main issue is that a client finds it hard to believe there is in fact a solution to the problem they have with dampness in their home. In many cases, they have tried other companies without success and they’re tired of wasting money. In these cases, we offer them the opportunity of visiting other Humilogic clients who have had a similar problem, years ago, and for whom the dampness has not re-appeared. Or I give them a list of contact numbers so they can call and ask them directly about their experience with Humilogic – it’s that simple.

What are clients’ most common issues when they contact you?
Most of the calls we receive are for bad smells and for mould on the walls. Construction materials age much quicker but the most serious problem for those living in a home with dampness is health – especially for children and elderly people.

Are your clients essentially home owners?
Yes, but we also work with professionals in the sector: designers, architects, builders, real estate agencies, etc. This is to ensure that, before any rehabilitation or construction, they don’t have problems with dampness.

What would you recommend to any of our readers who have a dampness
problem in their home?
My advice to any readers who are living in a damp space would be to not let too much time pass without resolving the problem, because it is harmful to their health. They face the risk of suffering allergies, asthma, respiratory
problems, rheumatism or problems in their joints.

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