Focus on the Unseen: The Construction Boom

By Marco Dalli

It’s official: the Costa del Sol is booming and people from all over the world are discovering the benefits of investing and living in Spain, especially southern Spain.

Of course, this has never been in doubt for the early pioneers who settled in this part of world many years ago. For example, the famous Golden Mile was only two lanes, the entrance to Puerto Banús was a dirt track, and you could drive in and out of Marbella port without a special pass.

For those who were around at that time, there were only a handful of restaurants and bars, a drink at Sinatra’s bar (in Banús) was like going down to your local pub as you would know most of the people, and Victor’s Beach was the meeting place for most of the boats coming from all over the coast. At that time there were no restrictions to how close you could come to the shore and the line of boats would seem to go on forever.

The Marmorin build and design studio is headquartered on the opposite side of the road to the iconic Marbella Club hotel, and it represents companies in the construction, design and property investment sectors that were all pioneers during Marbella’s early developing stages, before it became overcrowded with companies jumping onto the golden band wagon.

So what are the potential problems and pitfalls? The main problem on this part of the coast is that you never know who you are dealing with. I have been living in Marbella for 35 years and I still get caught out. One of the biggest ways to become confused is when looking to invest or build in this part of the world. If you don’t know the zone well you are just relying on what you hear from people; everyone’s a so-called expert, especially when it comes to construction.

It took us a long time to really find the best building company to incorporate into the studio with the other top professional companies operating inside. You can’t create a designer’s project without having a very good construction side to the project, and we were aware of this.

ANS Construction was a company we found out about purely by luck. We heard that this German-Spanish set-up was where all the other constructors went to with their problems and that really said it all. They were the only constructors that gave a 15-year guarantee on damp issues, which to me said everything.

After looking at the large and small projects they have done on the coast and in Germany, we made them preferred partners to enter the studio and complement everyone else. Our aim is very simple: we want you to know the professionals you are dealing with, and have all of them working together under one roof.

People always focus on what they see, but the wiser way to do it is to focus on the unseen and what is going on behind the walls and under the floor.

If you would like to have a chat with Marco Dalli or know more about the services of the Marmorin Build & Design Center, visit their showroom on the Golden Mile in Marbella opposite the Marbella Club or Tel. (+34) 678 648 765, or alternatively you can email 



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