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A Global Styling Concept in Southern Spain

Interview with Carlos Lamas (Architect)

How would you describe your architectural style?

I don’t have “one architectural style” because my vision and concepts change from time to time. These changes are partly in response to new clients’ demands but mainly as a result of my personal research around the world into the deeper meanings of lifestyle.

After working for 30 years in Marbella, and observing many changes in the kinds of clients, especially when it comes to nationality and age, it is impossible to be in this industry and always follow the same style.


You have had a great deal of success on the Costa del Sol… Why do you think your architectural style has been so popular here?

Because I follow the waves… interspersed with my own opinions. The market can be a cruel factor, because it is something that is out there and we cannot change it towards our direction. However, we can combine our vision in that direction and offer a product that fulfils both clients’ wishes and mine as an architect.

I look for aesthetic harmony. Architectural styles can change, and that is not only my decision. I have had a great deal of success on the Costa del Sol thanks to recognition of my work over the years, and because people can see them as signature designs.

A Global Styling Concept in Southern Spain - Home & Lifestyle Magazine


You are also one of the owners of Essenza Living… Tell us more about the concept. What has this year got in store for you and your architectural team?

Essenza Living is a dream come true, which I share with Patrick van Dam, my business partner in the real estate sector. It is a selection of properties designed every year under my signature, for sale.

Various investors in the real estate Industry, and in other sectors, believe in my designs and Essenza’s standards of quality, and give our company the opportunity to undertake the whole project management until the house is on the market. We have sold every house during the past four years, which is a great success.

In 2017 there will be new signature houses along the coast, but we will also add a new generation of luxury villas with prices starting at €10 million. Marbella has unlimited potential to be the best residential tourism city in Europe.


Carlos Lamas (Architect)

Golden Mile Commercial Centre Marbella Real, Marbella

Tel. (+34) 609 572 275





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