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Helping to Save the Planet in 2017

First let me congratulate you on surviving another year. Happy New Year everyone! I hope this one will be an excellent one for you, and let us all try to do more to save this lovely world we live in.

Recycled and eco-friendly products are everywhere; wood especially is a material which we can find all over the place.

It just takes a bit of time to go and find what you want. I showed you last issue what could be done with wine bottles in a wine shop. A very good idea and I hope that, whoever drank all the wine, didn’t have a horrible hangover!

Have a look at this restaurant in China, The Tang Palace by FCJZ Dezeen. It is very smart, really fun and a great design using bamboo, which is such a versatile wood, used all over the place because it is simply marvellous. It is not really a recycled material here because, due to its profligacy, it is found all over the world.

I love gardens and gardening, as well as designing them. Here in the south of Spain, with a bit of work and letting the weather work its magic, now is the time to get into doing all the things in the garden that will ensure it is looking fantastic when spring come round.

People have created design work in gardens to great effect. Have a look at what is being used: old tyres, plastic bottles, a piano, a cello, more tyres, an old chest of drawers… there is an infinity of materials.

Do try out something different when you get into your garden, and save those many objects which would otherwise be thrown out.

By Alia Babapulle

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