Now open in the spacious former Loft & Roomers showroom on the Fuengirola- Mijas road, Sybartum is a family business whose members have more than 35 years of experience in the world of art, furniture, design and decoration.

The term “sybartum” refers to the name, on the Nordic coasts, for the “sound of the sea when it gently caresses the shores on summer nights”. At the Costa del Sol showroom, they explain, the objective is to “travel through the four cardinal points to bring to our exclusive clients the best of interior design made with the best elements available in nature, where each piece is unique and exclusive, no two are the same, and every single one has an enormous identity and character. Oriented towards a natural, bohemian, nomadic, rustic and exotic proposal, we have made the love of imperfection a philosophy of life.” The team at Sybartum exclusively choose exotic woods and furniture under ecological afforestation agreements. “All furniture and decorative elements include ecologically legitimate, legal and sustainable licenses.”

Tel. (+34) 952 600 292 / 696 329 302

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