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By Mike Pearson

It’s been a long wait but finally the property market is slowly but surely moving forward in a positive way. Motion creates emotion, as they say, and there is a feeling that Marbella – together with many other parts of the Coast – is back in vogue, and particularly the market of buying old properties in good locations for renovation. The developers are back in full force and it’s plain to see, with old villas snapped up at bargain prices, totally modernised and put back on the market again for huge sums of profit. They are catering to turn-key clients who want nothing to do with the hassle of purchasing, planning and building their dream homes. They just want to turn the key and move in, and who can blame them for paying a large premium for the privilege of not having the stress involved in renovation projects.

It would seem that the name of the game is location, orientation and ready-forrenovation, and now there are companies on the southern Spanish coast that package all of this. From targeting the best locations with old buildings and introducing the product to a prospective buyer on clever 3Ds to handing the client total control over the project under the direction of a project manager, as well as teams of companies needed to finish a total renovation… These companies have people working under one roof and in one location, with all products at hand. Not many companies are suited to do this, as you need a lot of space for each individual company to provide an exhibition area. One of the leaders in this buyproperty- to-renovate market is The Design Center (also known as Marmorin), which is situated opposite Marbella Club Hotel.

In all my time in southern Spain, I don’t ever remember seeing such a set up. It’s a huge space with all the elements, plus independent companies and specialists working together on a daily basis. I know of one place similar, but it’s based in San Francisco.

There is so much to talk about so I will keep it simple… The Design Center gives power to the turn-key investor to do their own developments with the option of keeping the final project for themselves or putting it back on the market. They call it, “Power to the Consumer”.

Any prospective client can choose from a selection of hand-picked properties that fit the criteria of location and orientation; once a property has been selected for a project, the in-house 3D department team and a selected architect take over. In this particular case when I was at the studio, it was renowned architect Pablo Villarroel of Villarroel Torrico Arquitectos. As most readers are probably aware, the name Villarroel – specifically Pablo’s father Melvin – is synonymous with some of our beloved Coast’s landmark developments, including the Puente Romano and Marbella Club Hotels.

We have had a number of established and well respected architects visit us at the centre and we will continue to welcome them as we can offer the perfect environment for architects to work.

It was very impressive to sit and watch the client operating the glass windows and doors that were actually going into his project. He moved along to meet with all the other companies involved, providing physical elements such as Italian ceramics and magnificent large stone bathtubs and sinks that he had chosen. The discussions were coordinated with lighting specialist David Hidalgo, one of Spain’s most popular lighting designers, with leading brand glass doors and window systems offered by Marbeglass, latest trends in Italian ceramics from Cerafino, award-winning landscapists Adarve, renowned interior designer Nezha Kanouni, cutting-edge home automation systems from Domosat, and Agata Bath Design designer baths.

And the best part is that it is all done under one roof… Everything and everyone needed to carry out a building project on time and on budget. As I mentioned previously, they say that motion creates emotion – and there was plenty of that happening in this design centre.

Marmorin Design Center

Bulevar Principe Alfonso De Hohenlohe 14, 29602 Marbella

Tel. (+34) 678 648 765


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