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FRESH APPROACH IN REAL ESTATE Commissioning an Expert Broker Who Protects Buyers’ Interests

Property Broker, Marco Dalli

Marco Dalli, who can usually be found buzzing around the Marmorin Design Studio, has lived on the Costa del Sol for more years than he cares to remember. He has seen the property market take twists and turns that would make anyone feel dizzy. As Marco’s name regularly crops up with established brokers and big-name real estate companies here on the Coast, we thought we would catch up with this colourful character to find out what is really going on in the current property market…

Marco notes, “The property market has certainly had an upturn and over the last year or so. The Coast has enjoyed a resurgence of interest from avid buyers wanting to purchase their own idyllic haven. Due to this heightened market activity, real estate agents have understandably reacted with enthusiasm.

As there are now so many real estate brokers, and so many vendors listing their properties on the market sector database, real estate agents are increasingly having to split their commissions with their competitors which, as it goes without saying, is not something they particularly like. This has led to a tendency for agents to mainly show their own listed properties over any other properties available on the market, which might not necessarily be the most suitable property for that buyer – regardless of whatever else is out on the market at the time.

How I work is totally different and, in my opinion, it is the best way to look after the interests of the buyer. I am commissioned to work together closely with the buyer to find the best property investments I can by contacting my large network of established brokers, taking away from the client all the aggravation and stress. As I don’t list properties, I am totally unbiased and will never have the need to push certain properties onto a client for my own financial gain. I simply find the right property at the best price possible using my broad knowledge of the market and a handpicked selection of properties supplied by my contacts – giving the buyer options that best suit their needs.

As I have always got my ear to the ground, this way of working particularly works well for finding bargain investments that are either turn-key or ready for renovation. As many investors are now interested again in buying on the Costa del Sol, I can connect the investor with the vendor who has the latest hot deal, within minutes, offering them a service that only someone who has the right knowledge and contacts can bring to the table. People right now do not seem to be able to comprehend that there are not so many deals out there in today’s market and the good units go very quickly, so the name of the game is speed and accuracy in pinpointing those hidden investments.”

If you would like to find out more about commissioning your own real estate broker, speak to Marco Dalli on Tel. (+34) 611 247 051 or email,

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