Serene Suite Style with a Touch of Dramatic Elegance

The idea was quite ambitious but Femont Galvan Designers were the perfect team to bring the project to fruition. The owners wanted to convert a three-bedroom apartment into a one-bedroom luxury suite, using materials of the highest quality while not interfering with the home’s existing tranquillity and their art collection.
“For the new layout,” explains the design team, “we took into great consideration the flow between the spaces. Even though each room has its own character, the use of continuous panelling and flooring creates a completely harmonious feel throughout the apartment. The neutrality of the flooring and panelling also allows the artwork to ‘colour’ the environment.”
The bathrooms and kitchen were designed with maximum functionality in mind, using high-tech new materials for the wall coverings and countertops that resist the wear and tear of daily use, without taking away the prevailing sense of luxurious yet calming softness.
Neutral reflective colours were used to optimise light throughout the apartment; and the doors and closets were completely integrated into the panelling to enhance the overall flow of the apartment space – making it appear more expansive and uninterrupted.
“The result is an apartment with a bright ambience and timeless elegance, where the owners can feel completely at rest.“At Femont Galvan Designers we always try to got into the client’s skin. We are 100 per cent committed to interpreting their needs and ideas, and forming them into their dream home.”

Femont Galvan Designers
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