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Still Standing – How To Build A Home That Lasts

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Buying or building a home is normally one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. So there is no doubt that you will want one that stands the test of time. A solid build… one that meets with the latest legislation and is built using pioneering technology and made with the best suited materials. Demand for homes on the Costa del Sol has reached new heights. In fact, Marbella’s mayor has announced that unprecedented measures are being taken to speed up the issuance of planning permission and building licences. According to reports, new builds or refurbished properties are in particularly high demand and buyers are demanding quality. But how can you ensure your new home will last over years and retain its quality?

Still Standind How To Build A Home That Lasts - Home and Lifestyle Magazine

Taking into consideration the location, ground conditions and climate, these factors will determine many of the materials for the initial design. For example, building a beach home you must be aware of the water table and salt conditions that will have an effect on the foundations, water proofing and structure. In mountain homes, consider the necessity for retaining walls to hold the build. To cut corners with these materials may prove extremely costly in the future. Installations need to be specifically designed to suit each individual property, depending on factors such as property location, orientation, window sizes and ceiling heights. It is extremely important that the choice is suitable for the home in question. All materials are specifically chosen for each property and even
each room in the property – for example, window profiles and mechanisms – will vary depending on its size, design and what type of opener is chosen. Air-conditioning, dehumidifying systems, underfloor heating, etc., are all specifically designed and the machinery is used to suit a particular property while, of course, at all times taking into consideration energy efficiency.

With the property market booming in southern Spain, companies are working harder than ever to entice buyers and are offering discounts, percentages off construction and all kinds of special offers. In fact, when a home is built, the majority of the costs are unavoidable and standard across the market. Legal costs, staff wages, materials and even the architect’s fee cannot be side-stepped and will remain similar throughout the market. You should look for a construction company that will ensure every build is compliant with rules and regulations, and that the correct materials are chosen and installed to ensure that no corners are cut in the build of your home. Avoid a bargain, to ensure a good build that will endure the test of time.

If you are building a new home or undertaking a renovation project, you should consider using one company to execute the work. The build of your home, the swimming pool and the garden space should work together in harmony. And not only in terms of the design: think of the functionalities – the way they work together. The last thing you want to discover once you move into your home is that the drainage of the swimming pool is directed towards the foundations of your house. Choose a construction company that will manage all of this for you and ensure the best possible results, under one roof.

Once your new home is complete, you must consider regular care and maintenance to ensure that the build, the pool and the garden function correctly in order to keep everything in perfect working condition.
• Regular cleaning and maintenance of the drains, floor finishes, air-conditioning filters, etc.
• Regular cleaning and maintenance of the interior pool, surfaces, equipment revisions, filtration, wear and tear of parts, etc.
• Regular cleaning and maintenance, pruning trees, weeding, flowerbeds, pest control, irrigation checks in order for the garden to receive adequate watering, etc.

Still Standind How To Build A Home That Lasts - Home and Lifestyle MagazineStill Standind How To Build A Home That Lasts - Home and Lifestyle Magazine Still Standind How To Build A Home That Lasts - Home and Lifestyle Magazine

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