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A digital certificate is needed to identify yourself on the internet and to conduct any kind of formal transaction or business. By using the digital certificate, your personal data is protected each time you want to make an online transaction. The digital certificate is available for both natural persons and legal entities. To obtain a digital certificate in Spain, you have to go to the website of the Spanish National Mint, where you obtain a unique number that you must keep. With this number, you can access a public institution – such as the Spanish tax office, local town hall or social security department – where you will receive your digital certificate. The digital signature can be downloaded to your computer from the website where you originally requested the number: that is, the Spanish National Mint. With this digital certificate, the Spanish Mint offers an easy way to guarantee communications between companies, citizens, institutions and public administrations.

What transactions can be carried out with the digital certificate?
The different types of formalities that can be done with a digital certificate depend on the various administrations (at national, regional and local levels).  With the digital certificate, you can carry out different transactions on the websites of public institutions, such as any formal type of declaration to the Spanish tax office, social security department or companies house. Obtaining your digital certificate means increasing the efficiency of transactions and simplifying bureaucratic formalities in Spain. At Welex, we can make a formal request and obtain the digital certificate, both for natural persons and legal entities. We will go with you to the Spanish tax office or the town hall where you need to present your passport or identity card. Welex can present any tax return with the digital certificate and even verify your tax situation in Spain. It is important to verify your “status” at the Spanish tax office. That is to say, you must verify that your fiscal situation and residence matches the one mentioned in the databases of the Spanish tax office. The digital certificate is valid for three years. After this period you must renew it.

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