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Interview with A.H.F. (Toon) Roijers
Heart 4 Homes
What is the basic concept behind Heart 4 Homes?
In the late 1980s I switched from being a lawyer in the Netherlands to being an estate agent for a considerable period of time. I owned my own certified real estate agency and also served on the national board of NVM (the leading Dutch branch organisation of real estate agents and appraisers). I founded Heart 4 Homes in 2016.
In addition to and during my job as an estate agent, I became aware of my spiritual gifts which I have been developing and applying ever since, in service of my clients over the last 16 years. I noticed that the radiance levels surrounding us have increased tremendously over the last few decades, which greatly impacts our home lives, as well as our general well-being. I studied all over the world and have developed the expertise and competence that allows me to apply my spiritual powers to the day-to-day business of being an estate agent, and to combine those two in my new company Heart 4 Homes. That is why I am now able to help people to find a home which energetically suits them the best. In addition, I can help people who have difficulties in selling their properties.

What services do you offer?
As a home whisperer and holistic real estate agent with my company Heart 4 Homes I help people to find their perfect home in and around Marbella and on the island of Mallorca. I also help people who want to sell their property, and especially when they encounter difficulties in the process of selling.

Can you explain how you work?
Although I have both feet on the ground I am very aware of the existence of an intangible reality. Therefore Heart 4 Homes takes a holistic approach towards housing. I have seen that in many exotic cultures new houses are officially inaugurated before their new inhabitants can be fully welcome. In our modern western and down-to-earth society, we don’t do that sort of thing anymore. We tend to think that a house is just a house. However, there is more between heaven and earth. Consider, for instance, the level of radiance in the house, or the presence of old or new energies, which may be invisible but can still be sensed. Heart4Homes specialises in feeling and discovering such energy, determining its location, then neutralising it. It’s a fairly unique method, which allows us to determine whether or not a home suits you – also energy-wise. In addition, we provide all the traditional services you would expect from a customer-oriented and highly professional estate agency. It is because of this special combination of services that we at Heart 4 Homes are able to give our clients the best possible help finding their perfect home. Our search therefore starts with a full assessment of the client’s personality and wishes. Only then do we start looking for suitable houses available on the market. By focussing on the client’s interests, requirements and personalities we can find a home that really suits them. That is what we mean with “Holistic Search”: we always look at the full picture where the client’s personality is the decisive factor. Your new home must suit the client, and vice versa; the client must be suited to their new home as well. During the welcome assessment we discuss all the client’s personal requirements and practical concerns. This will serve as a basis for their profile, because everyone has different ideas on what constitutes a good living arrangement. We believe that houses should express matters such as beauty, passion and happiness. These are all matters of the heart, and therefore constitute an integral part of your profile. We at Heart 4 Homes are only fully satisfied when the client is.

What can your clients expect when working with you?
Our clients can expect a personal-orientated, heart-driven approach which will result in finding a home they have always dreamed of. After moving in, the client will feel immediately at home because the house will suit like a glove on each and every level. If a client initially experienced difficulties in selling their property they can expect Heart 4 Homes to look into it fully, discover what conditions are withholding a quick sale, remove those conditions or obstacles and take care of the further process of selling the property.Heart 4 Homes
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