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Interview with Clinic Manager Geraldine Darby and Lead Therapist Matthew Idle

What is Villa Paradiso?
Villa Paradiso is a residential treatment centre specialising in providing treatment for addictions and trauma. Our experienced team offers effective addiction treatment in a very private, discreet and rejuvenating environment. We don’t publicly reveal the full address for confidentiality reasons, but we can say it is nestled in the stunning Andalucian mountains between Málaga and Marbella, overlooking the southern Spain coastline.

What services/treatments does Villa Paradiso offer?
At the heart of what we offer is understanding – an understanding of your needs, problems and how to help you overcome addiction, whether that be from drugs, alcohol or any other type of addiction. Villa Paradiso is not a clinic with set medical procedures but a place of peace and rejuvenation that is run by a highly experienced, skilled and dedicated team of people who know their stuff. We are the most experienced drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Spain. Many years of experience and exceptional results confirm that our addiction treatment works.

Is it only about treatment and support?
Not at all… In addition to the highest standards of professional treatment and personal support, we include a range of optional activities to help re-focus mind, body and soul. All of these elements come together with highly effective psychotherapy to break the shackles and allow people to live free of addiction. Activities during a client’s stay are not only fun, but they also help to strengthen and heal, along with healthy meals that we guarantee will satisfy even the more demanding taste buds.

How can you tell if someone has an addiction?
Matthew Idle: It’s all about behaviour changes and how someone acts. You can watch the changes in personality and at times physical appearance… lots of denial around being addicted and defending their behaviours as normal or everyone else’s thoughts. I always say they are so sick they don’t even know they are sick. People with addictions and behavioural conditions are no different to anyone else. The only difference is that they have come to believe that they can’t overcome their problems or issues, and this can lead them to become dependent upon substances that can cause depression and/or lead to severe anxiety issues.

How do you deal with this dependency?
The staff help with the physical aspect of a person’s addiction or problem. They will support you with what is really at the heart of taking control of your life again and help you work towards reversing the “sense of defeat”. They will assist you on your journey, helping you to reclaim the confidence and belief that “you can face your demons and overcome them”.

By strengthening your sense of self and your position in relation to others we begin the process of dealing with your addiction until you are stronger, have developed new coping strategies and can take back control of your life. This is achieved by using a range of psychological therapies, including regular 1:1 therapy sessions, group therapy and workshops.
Addiction recovery is built upon developing an internal sense of the self and awareness that you as an individual have the power to re-focus your life and take it in the direction that will provide greater happiness, self-esteem and contentment. The three pillars on which this is built are psychotherapy, physical health and emotional balance. Our sole aim is to help our clients recover in their health and vigour, and we at Villa Paradiso are very proud of the success rate our rehab approach produces.

Villa Paradiso - Home & Lifestyle Magazine

Villa Paradiso - Home & Lifestyle Magazine

Villa Paradiso - Home & Lifestyle Magazine

What makes Villa Paradiso so special?
Matthew Idle: Our previous clients always say to us that it’s the surroundings and the personal care and detailed recovery programmes that are personalised for each client. We always support them with a caring and loving approach, support them to love themselves, and help them to discover themselves in a supportive environment.

Geraldine Darby: Our ability to help our clients comes from a deep understanding not just of what they are experiencing, but why. Ultimately the reasons behind an addiction or condition are the causes for it, and once you have identified them you can confront the triggers, develop coping mechanisms and allow the real you to re-emerge and take possession of your life and your future. As part of any admission to our rehabilitation clinic, we reference the following treatment processes and they are included your individual treatment plan:

Assessment: After a medical examination and personal consultation, we develop a treatment adapted to your individual needs once we understand the root cause of your addiction.

Planning for the Future: Our rehab approach is not a heavy-handed, one-sided affair. We work with you to establish your lifestyle aims for the future and set goals to achieve during the treatment and thereafter.

Detoxing: Where applicable, this medically managed programme weans the client off their drug or substance addiction, providing a physical aid to the psychotherapy treatment that tackles the emotional triggers, the causes of their addiction and backgrounds to the addiction, and facilitates rehabilitation.

Recuperation: Our approach focuses on returning body, mind and spirit back to health, so recovery includes a healthy diet with nutritional counselling from a professional, rest in an invigorating setting, yoga and/or exercise, the opportunity to spend time with family, activities that allow you to reconnect with fun and, if desired, the very soothing and rewarding interaction with animals.

Aftercare: After the treatment has been completed at Villa Paradiso we don’t forget about you but realise that you must have ongoing support and advice when you need it. For this reason, we provide an ongoing aftercare programme aimed at ensuring ultimate success in beating your addiction.

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