During this extremely challenging year, a fresh and fun new concept has been launched in Sotogrande aimed at helping homeowners create an original character for both indoor and outdoor areas. The comfort, elegance and personality of all Co’tantic’s pieces contribute – to an even greater extent in these times of limited mobility – to showcasing the value of every creative and well-tructured corner in the home, no matter how small. These days, the trend of maintaining an aesthetic continuity between the exterior and the interior is accentuated. The same lines combined with different materials, versatile pieces that can be located inside the home or outside…compositions comprising vinyls, natural fibres, leather and cotton, intertwined artisanally with light steel structures.

All of Co’tantic’s pieces are committed to environment-friendly practices, incorporating social elements that ensure they return something to the communities that produce them, offering sustainability and design, modernity and innovation. The team at Co’tantic are skilled at enhancing settings with pieces that occupy a prominent place, achieving this for clients by placing at their disposal all their knowledge and experience. In short… “exceptional pieces that speak with a global language”.

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