Millions of euros are spent each year in Marbella on health and beauty treatments and products by the many women – and an increasing number of men – who want to retain a youthful appearance. However, one key ingredient is often overlooked: antioxidants. To retain a youthful appearance and live a long and healthy life, it is vital to have an adequate level of carotenoid antioxidants in your body. According to beauty consultant Lisa Parsons, “It is not often that one finds something unique in the health and beauty world, making the Pharmanex scanner quite a find.” Pharmanex, a US company that produces scientific measuring equipment, is the manufacturer of the BioPhotonic Scanner.

“ offers a service that can measure your antioxidant levels at home and, if you wish, provide solutions for those with low antioxidant levels. For many, this could be the vital missing link in their health and anti-ageing programme.”

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