Retro items, popular consumer products and designs from the past are experiencing an exciting revival – and this includes hi-fi amplifiers made with valves (tubes). Valve amplifiers were the mainstay of the music industry from studios to the homes of music-lovers between the1940s and 1980s, before they were displaced by the cheaper transistor amplifier. Today, high-quality valve amplifiers are much appreciated and greatly respected by music connoisseurs everywhere for their clarity and warmth of reproduction. Time Machine Sounds S.L. (TMS) is a company based in Marbella which designs, develops and manufactures high-end valve amplifiers by hand.

Stephen Robinson, the owner behind TMS, started making them as a hobby. But friends, acquaintances and critics listened to his amplifiers, thought they were excellent and encouraged him to make them available on a wider basis. So TMS was born: “to transport the great sound of yesterday into the present”. Experience these sounds through exclusive pieces of hand-crafted equipment, carefully designed to blend the exceptional valve sound with the benefits of modern construction and quality components – for long-life, environmentally-friendly products.

Tel. (+34) 683 334 911

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