Digital Displays of Moving Image Art


Art lovers wanting to manage moving images across diverse interior spaces can use the Niio cloud-based software platform for a diverse range of digital options. Available on the Costa del Sol from TD Sat & Sound market leaders in home automation and audio/visual system integration – Niio enables a global network of leading artists, galleries, libraries and institutions to self-publish media art-forms, which can then be viewed on connected display devices anywhere in the world. Artists create their work with digital tools (“born digital” artwork) in formats from 4K video, film, interactive, code-based and gifs to VR/AR works. Together with its ArtPlayer and Remote Management Tools, Niio can transform any screen or projector into a 4K/60fps, looping professional art player supporting single and multi-channel works. The works are concepted and developed right from the beginning as “screen-based” digital works: i.e. not paintings, drawings, etc. that have been created in one format and then “digitised” at a later date to show on a screen.

Niio is able to transform both public and private spaces instantly, integrating moving image art (one screen or many) into any environment. On the professional side, the platform is used by owners of commercial spaces, public spaces, hospitality establishments, hotels and hospitals “to help them find unique solutions for their environments”. Those who already own or manage a library or collection of moving image art ( for example, artists, collectors, museums and libraries) are able to use Niio’s tools for the management, distribution and
display of their artworks.

In some cases, artists include original sound or music
within their artworks but Niio does not directly
“interact” with external sound sources such as Spotify
and Pandora. Nevertheless, Niio users can play
music separately in the background while displaying
digital art. Customers have the choice of purchasing from the platform or leasing work via a monthly subscription plan.


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