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The property market is booming here in Spain, and the Costa del Sol is at the epicentre of the recent peak in construction. With numerous cranes now on the horizon and investment opportunities cropping up left, right and centre, Marbella and the surrounding areas have become a building hub. With many construction companies having “upped the ante” to entice overseas investors, there are more and more bargain deals saturating the market that seem to be well below market price. But there is one construction company that cuts through the noise. Atlas Group’s strong reputation has been built over years of steady growth, and meticulous planning. Their portfolio of completed homes and developments showcases construction projects across the Costa del Sol and
wider Spain. Having survived the property crash in 2009 and come out the other side, intact and growing, Atlas Group are a pioneer in build and service quality, as well as introducing cutting edge design and the latest technologies.

The Atlas Group philosophy is strongly ingrained in their work ethic: the large team of construction specialists have a desire to continually improve and have an unlimited commitment to clients, which has given Atlas Group an enviable reputation. While many construction companies have come and gone, Atlas Group have continued to deliver consistently high quality builds over a period of more than 10 years.

So, can you be sure that the cost of your cut-price build really is as simple as detailed on a billboard? Or will your new villa end up costing you more time, and hassle with legal issues in the long run?

Within a construction project, the majority of costs are the same and unavoidable. Architect fees, legal costs, staff wages and materials cannot be delivered at cut prices
and remain almost the same across the board. However, cutting corners can result in a project not being completed to adequate standards, or a build far from the original plans. Even legal issues can arise from a contractor working to dash costs. Atlas Group, on the other hand, provide a firm commitment to their clients. All
builds and designs have a huge amount of hard work behind them to ensure that every detail complies with the regulations and laws. Each member of staff building your project has gone through rigorous health and safety training and is a professional at the top of their game. Costs are signed off by the technical architect and all materials ordered are in-line with the architect’s specifications. Each build is compliant with the rules and regulations of Spain. At Atlas Group, no corners are cut, no build is compromised. Behind every beautiful
image of a property, there is a real company with a trustworthy and skilled team who will deliver a high-quality finished product. Atlas Group take the stress out of your project and work to turn clients’ dreams into reality. In simple terms, you are guaranteed real developments from a team you can trust.



On the surface, Atlas Group are a construction company, but in reality they are much more than that. They provide an integrated range of property services, including construction, pool services and garden services, allowing clients to work with one company from the outset. This allows greater efficiency, saving time and
money. They are one of the most established construction companies on the Costa del Sol and one of the most recognised here in the south of Spain.

Atlas Group
Centro Comercial Atenea, Local 1 y 17
Ctra. N340, Km. 168. 29680 Estepona, Málaga
T: (+34) 951 272 140 · F: (+34) 952 897 936


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