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Bohemian Spirit, in Blissful Mallorca Setting

For even inveterate travellers, this is a part of Mallorca many have not discovered yet. With picturesque orange groves, a backdrop of the spectacular Tramuntana mountain range and next to the Mediterranean Sea, Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Port de Sóller is justified in claiming to be “perched in paradise”.

The hotel features raw handcrafted textures, wooden tables, tiles and multi-coloured woven rugs created to “weave a casual luxury that balances a fine line between hotel, home, and hangout”.

Dreimeta’s Armin Fischer was able to renovate the 1970s hotel while still retaining the Bauhaus-inspired original style and creating a contemporary reinterpretation of the bohemian spirit of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Fischer revived valuable materials and surfaces such as old terrazzo floors from the pre-existing building and used new materials that were fitted to look like they had always been there. The result is a hotel characterised by a bohemian aesthetic and contrasting with the classic local style. Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel features an extensive use of wicker, more than 300 brightly coloured ceramic pots hanging low from ceilings to house-overflowing plants, and oversized earthenware – all accentuating this “homage to nature”.

The interior design was inspired by “laidback Balearic living and the is-land’s natural splendour, with every nook and cranny dressed in a joyful blend of colour, pattern and topiary for a lush escape in which the original 1960s San Francisco hippie movement is brought to life”. Attracting both locals and guests, the Molcho family’s Neni restaurant – with hubs in other major European cities – also brings its “east-Mediterranean-meets-balagan style” to the beach resort. The bar concept has been developed by Joerg Meyer, the mastermind of Le Lion Bar in Hamburg; while the poolside Pikkini Bar and Donkey Bar helps guests make a smooth transition from day lounging to energetic nights, high-lighted by a “come-as-you-are attitude”.

With an outdoor pool, sauna room, and indoor and outdoor massages, plus plenty of spaces for chilling-out, the hotel “entices” guests to stay on the premises. However, for those keen to venture out, it offers custom-designed experiences to enjoy the Tramuntana mountains and surrounding nature.

The 114 rooms and suites range from 18 to 34 square metres, all with a king-size bed, balcony or terrace, and either a daybed or a hammock outside. The 18-square-metre Poolside Room includes a poolside deck, the Bayside Room and Bay Suite (18 and 34 square metres, respectively) offer bay views, and the 19-square-metre Bay House Room provides countryside views.

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